Get more customers: Top 5 online tips for small businesses

Customer acquisition or customer retention. It’s hard to tell, which of these two the tougher task for small and medium-sized businesses is.

Fortunately, there are ways to accomplish both. We made a little survey among our multi-fold clients to find the ‘secret recipe’ for successful online client conversion. That is, turning website visitors into customers.

Let me share with you my top 5 online tips  not only for retaining, but also for acquiring new customers:

1.)    Use new, eye-catching and customer-friendly technology solutions in order to draw visitors’ attention.
Try to emerge from the crowd of competitors with an extra service, a new gadget that creates interest and raises the attention of your visitors. If possible, offer them some convenient, easy-to-use solution that really gives added value to your core service.

2.)    Help your visitor right at the time of the purchasing decision.
No website can answer all the questions of its visitors. What we all do if there is no answer is clicking and jumping to the next search item in Google. To minimize bounces, provide immediate and free one-click access to customer and sales support on your website.

 In addition, your human sales support has the power to further increase potential revenues through the classified or upsell product offerings that best fit customers’ needs.

 3.)    High quality online presence is essential.
Your website should respond to your target group’s interest and problems, they should be able to find what they are looking for within seconds. Don’t forget: the visitors of your website tend to move on within seconds if they don’t like what they get at first glimpse! Content and design – pay attention to both!

 4.)    Avoid the most typical mistake: do not let your old customers to themselves, offer them new website content or services.
Remember the rule of thumb: one-fifth of customers account for four-fifths of a company’s revenues. These loyal customers are willing to spend time and money on our products and services. If the company does not show the slightest interest in their satisfaction, no wonder they will stray.

5.)    Don’t forget, there is no better marketing tool than a satisfied customer.
Use the power of references and testimonials on your website, as well. Show them online, let and make them speak about you in the social media, create a buzz. The power of your online evangelists will make you more credible and multiply your attractiveness to customers.

If you heed these advices, this post may soon not be addressed to you at all: you might grow out of a small business into a larger one faster than you have ever expected.