What do online shoppers need?

Hundreds or thousands of products and items – that’s what we usually find in webshops. The wide range of products is one of the most positive features of online merchandise. Beside the ease and comfort webshops offer to customers.Online sales

However, this huge product range may also become a burden for a customer who does not look for a very specific item he or she already knows. It is only if the customers are familiar with the brand, the model and the make of the product they are looking for that the online shopper succeeds in a jiffy.

Now really: how many such sure-footed and determined customers are there in the vast online world? While the majority of web surfers have some idea of what they are looking for, very often they need assistance during web shopping.

In most cases, the abundance of webshops offering the desired product types can be baffling. And we, webshop owners and operators have to do everything we can to reduce this kind of chivy at least while the customer is browsing our website.

There are a whole range of means to help us do so: professional website layout, logical menu structure, high-quality photos, detailed info, etc. Nevertheless, there always remains a question. A dilemma about the product, a tiny bit of confusion about the ordering procedure, a need for a hint on the delivery.

No website can answer all the potential questions that arise in a customer’s mind. You need something else than an endless FAQ if you want to prevent the potential customer from jumping on to another website. Throughout the entire purchasing procedure – from the “looking around” phase till the last step of the ordering process – the customer may need your instant support.

Of course, this assistance has to be easily accessible and rapid: no customer will start to download an application or tool only in order to be able to raise a question. And neither will they pay as much as a penny. Moreover, there is a strong trend towards concealing any kind of personal data from “unwanted eyes”. More and more people are becoming reluctant to provide as much as a mobile phone number or an e-mail address to – say – a webshop operator.

Take this last expectation into consideration. The sphere of available tools becomes rather limited for us to grab the online customer’s attention. It is this realization that has led us into developing GreenCaller: a solution that accounts for all of the three above mentioned points of view regarding online support. Namely, GreenCaller does not need any kind of installation or downloading and it is completely free of charge for the visitors of a website. Potential customers can request for immediate support with a click, and get instant help from you in their purchase decisions.

That is what online shoppers need. One click, instant help. Directly from your website.