Ride your bike! After checking and fixing it thoroughly.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! That’s how you feel when summer knocks on the door and you wish you could spend all your freetime outdoor. Spending a whole day out “in the wild”, or just enjoying the long, mild evenings after work. And if you like it, you can even listen to Freddie Mercury’s famous song meanwhile.

Riding a bicycle is the ideal way to combine free time activity with sports and fun. However, it is rather far from my sense of fun when I have to stop at every second corner to check or fix something on my bicycle. Today’s bikes are rather complex machines: the brakes, the gear shifts and shifters, the tires and the bearings all comprise of small parts. Parts, which have the bad habit of not working properly after a month-long pause.

Thus, you’d better devote some time to check whether everything is working well and – if necessary – a small sum to repair or replace the “suspicious” pieces.

It might easily happen that you need a specific part or component for your bicycle. What are you going to do? Bike shops and services, even the bigger ones, do not tend to have everything you need. The more specific the part you are looking for, the harder it is to get it. And I guess you don’t want to spend days wandering around bike stores desperately looking for – say – a special gear shifter.

Of course, we live in the 21st century and what we do in such situations is search the web. This might come rather handy, but even very progressive bike stores do not have full detailed info on their products on the web.

In most cases, you cannot spare a few phone calls to be sure the bike shop has what you are looking for. It would be great if this whole process didn’t cost you a penny, wouldn’t it? So, try to look for stores that offer free-of-charge phone contact options through the web. The range of such bike shops is rather limited yet, but – as devoted cyclists – we promise: we’ll do our best to raise their interest in this solution and provide them with the tool that enables free direct contact by the customers: GreenCaller.

Because the green nature calls us!