Many visitors, few customers?

Less than 5 percent – that’s how many of a website’s visitors turn into real customers. At least according to global online sales statistics.
This proportion may seem surprisingly low. But keep in mind: it is a very long road that takes from visiting a website to actually purchasing a product or a service there.

Statistics show that 90-95 percent of visitors to any small or medium-sized company’s website end up making their purchase somewhere else, most likely on the competitor’s website. The obvious reasoning says they probably didn’t find what they were looking for on the website they visited first.

However, the same statistics also show that a significant portion of visitors moves on to the next search result, even if the product or the service on show entirely suits their needs. In such cases, visitors usually abandon the otherwise promising looking website because they need more info on the object of their search. Now, this is the point in the whole story where a smart website owner might want to step in.

Don’t let potential customers sneak away just because they want to know more about something you have on offer. Let them ask you questions and give them answers in the easiest and fastest possible way.

If online visitors don’t find answers to their specific questions on a website within seconds, they instantly jump to the next item on their search list. That means it is crucial to be immediately at hand with tailor-made answers to their questions. And the questions can be manifold you cannot even predict. What’s worse there’s no single website that can offer answers to all the possible questions a visitor might want to ask. For this, you need an service that is accessible within seconds, is free of charge, but does not require visitors to download or install any software.

Keeping these expectations in mind, Skawa Innovation has developed GreenCaller.
GreenCaller’s a globally adaptable, single-click, toll-free solution, which does not require any special software installed by website visitors. If they are using headset, then they simply click-to-call. Visitors, who do not have headsets, simply enter their own phone number in the field and they are instantly connected to the operator of the website or directly to a sales person. No hassles with plug-ins the customers can get the company on line in a few seconds – faster than getting to the next hit in the Google search page.

This way not only the customers get an answer instantly, but also the host company can make direct contact with a potential client just browsing their website. Moreover, if you have a good sales personnel, there is an excellent up-selling possibility with a new visitor, who is perfectly satisfied.

Businesses usually invest in website and software development, online advertising especially on Adwords, SEO, linkbuilding, social media profiles or online promotions to increase sales. Yet these classical online marketing tools only drive traffic to their website, conversion is not guaranteed. These can now be complemented by GreenCaller for only a fraction of the cost of these tools and solutions.

Finally, one more figure published recently by Adobe Omniture to brood over:
For every $100 spent on driving traffic to websites,
companies spend only $1 converting that traffic into business
Isn’t it high time to change this?