A marketer’s greatest mistake – no dialogue with customers

No dialogue with customersWhat is the greatest mistake a marketer can make?
It is to guess. To guess – based on personal feelings and opinion. To assume what the potential customers would need, what they want, what they feel like, how they would behave. To imagine how they would react to an ‘irresistible’ offer.

Good marketers never take for granted any customer reaction before they ask their real life potential customers. They start a conversation, they test, react, ask, modify and test again. Dialogue between marketers and customers is inevitable in marketing a successful product and improving the business potential of their company.

The following MSN ad illustrates the relationship between the advertiser and the customer. The clip was part of a presentation shown at Idea Forum 2007. It’s high time to review it.

How can you be sure that you understand and satisfy your customers desires?
Well, it’s quite simple.
Listen to them…
Ask them…
See their reactions…
Give them a channel to talk to you…
Let them ask you.

GreenCaller gives your website visitors an opportunity to ask freely. So even if not all of your visitors become your clients at the first call, they certainly provide you a valuable information to improve your service, your product, your site.

These potential customers will certainly help you become a better marketer,
thus give you an opportunity to improve your business potential.