A marketer’s greatest mistake – no dialogue with customers

No dialogue with customersWhat is the greatest mistake a marketer can make?
It is to guess. To guess – based on personal feelings and opinion. To assume what the potential customers would need, what they want, what they feel like, how they would behave. To imagine how they would react to an ‘irresistible’ offer. Continue reading

Online dating: risks and how to avoid them

Did you know that the third week of  September is National Singles Week in the U.S.?

On this upcoming occasion, we have collected a few statistics and data on online dating. Continue reading

Businesses thirsting for toll free numbers

Who needs a toll free numberNot long ago, we have discussed whether or not it is worth to have a toll free number on your website in the age of cheap telecommunication. The answer was a definite “yes” with the addition that the benefits of such a feature may depend on the kind of business you are in. Now, we’d like to discuss the kinds of activities that may be in great need for free-of-charge accessibility by telephone in detail. Continue reading

Toll free numbers: still timely?

Toll free numbersTelecommunication has become much easier recently and in the age of cell phones or low-rate distance calls, you might ask yourself: “Do I need a toll free number for my business?” There are several pros and cons to answer this question. Let me highlight some reasoning from the point of view of a small business owner.  Continue reading

Are you socially devoted?

As the average user spends over 55 minutes on Facebook, more and more companies present their brand pages on this social medium. Some mis/believe (choose whichever expression you think is true) that if your brand doesn’t have a FB page, it does not even exist. One must show up on the most popular social network, even with B2B services, as there are tens of thousands of work-related networks.

However not everybody is using smartly this medium as a channel for two-way communication. Brand pages tend to forget that social media serves as an excellent opportunity to build credibility, trust and loyalty. Do you? Continue reading

Summertime: don’t take it easy

Summertime / And the livin’ is easy…

SummertimeWell, we do wish you have experienced this feeling nowadays, or – even better – you are reading this post from the beach, the lakeshore, the mountains, or any other holiday location. But we also hope you did not take the following part of the song’s lyrics by word: There’s a’nothing can harm you / With your daddy and mammy standing by… Continue reading