PinkCaller: online dating turned more attractive


Some 80 percent of dating sites’ users wish to speak on the phone with their liked or chosen ones before meeting them, surveys show. Add to this the huge growth in mobile web technologies, and the picture becomes clear: online dating sites need solutions that enable members to get in touch with each other easily over the phone.

The online dating market has been expanding at a stunning pace in the last decade. End-user expectations have also come a long way since then. Now it seems, two recent trends are reshaping the future of online dating sites.

First, mobile is taking over traditional online use rapidly. International dating site Plenty of Fish already thinks classic PC-based web is dead. Through its mobile application, the site has reached 3 billion pageviews a month in its first “mobile year”, hot on the heels of the website, which has 4 billion views a month. After going mobile, online signups jumped 40 percent, up from 10 percent in the past year. Second, the world is more and more dominated by social media. Continue reading

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